Invested in Your Profitability

eDev is interested in your profitability! We continue to guide you through the development of solid business skills.

  • Pre-Venture is a planning phase - very exciting, new ideas!
  • If you have launched, you're in full Start-Up mode and your primary objective is to increase your customer knowledge and  to use it effectively. 
  • If all goes well, you have customers and good sales, then your goal is to reach "Break Even" (when your revenues exceed your costs, you're paying yourself, and you're setting aside funds for business), spend some time concentrating on getting good systems in place
  • Beyond that, one might start thinking about Sustainability.  Does that mean growth or long-term self-employment?   Contrary to images one might conjure, "growth" doesn't have to mean exploding growth, it could refer to long-term stability, a few employees, you not wearing all the hats, perhaps building a business that could be sold.  Ulitmately, YOU determine your business goals and YOU determine what stability means to you.  Regardless, you'll want to manage your regular operations most effectively and efficiently and you will need to prepare for this.

If you are new to eDev you'll need to complete a client application form and provide income verification if you think you may be eligible for a tuition waiver.  If you are a continuing client, verify that your application is current for the 2012 year. You can pre-register with Juli Brode by phone, 541-463-4627, or email her.

Individual Development Accounts

How You Can Support the IDA Program

If you like the work of eDev, then you’ll like the Oregon IDA 75% Tax Credit, too. The Oregon IDA 75% Tax Credit supports the IDA program of eDev and puts Oregonians back to work. We all benefit when everyone in Oregon thrives. Oregon can work together to build pathways to prosperity. Moving more families out of poverty and building a stronger middle class is core to a vibrant Oregon economic recovery.

IDAs or Individual Development Accounts match the savings of our low income neighbors and families in Oregon communities to help them start a business and get back to work, go to school to gain skills to get back to work or buy their first home. And that’s not all. eDev provides valuable financial training that IDA participants can use for a lifetime. We can build communities where everyone can thrive. Be part of the Oregon recovery with this win-win Oregon IDA 75% Tax Credit.

For details go to or call Kathy Turner at (503) 548-4475.

Our Website is Growing

As eDev increases the services available via the website, there's a growing need for expertise that pairs these function with good visual design. Stay tuned for more info about changes to come.